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Jun 05 2011

Free speech!

Here’s an interesting NY Times article on outspoken teachers losing their jobs over Facebook posts, which has sparked a debate over professional responsibility vs. freedom of speech outside the classroom.
I think we in the teaching profession hold the added responsibility of always being on the job.  We are not only teachers but role models, super heroes, mentors, friends, and day-time parents.  Remember that weird thrill that came from seeing your teacher doing some mundane task outside of school, like grocery shopping?   Imagine if you’d overheard that teacher venting that she wouldn’t throw you a life vest if you were drowning in the ocean.  Ouch.

For me as a blogger, this article inspired me re-think my last post as well as the purpose of this blog.  I do not mean for this blog to be a place for me to grumble, whine or complain about TFA or my employment as a…

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Jun 04 2011


After a year abroad as a public school EFL teacher, the time has almost arrived for me to say “再見 Asia” and “Hola, Miami.” In preparation for the 2-year roller coaster ride that I’m about to embark upon, I saved up my vacation days for a 4-day weekend and am now enjoying the sweet, sweet fruits…

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